Alex’s Transformation



“I recently received a couple of messages asking ‘Dude incredible transformation, but what about your lose skin?’ I know others have the same question, so I decided to post this picture. After losing over a 120 lbs I don’t really have a lot of hanging skin. But how could that be? Right?

Well, when you have added the right nutrition, removed the garbage, and drink plenty of water your body can take care of itself. Plus now that I feel healthy enough to exercise each week, the toning is really starting to show up.

Even if I had a massive amount of loose skin, knowing that I am healthy and free from disease would be incredible! As you will notice, the most striking difference between these two pictures, other than the obvious shape and size, are all those SPOTS I had on my body when I was morbidly obese.

I have a skin condition called PSORIASIS which is a congenital issue that triggers inflammation all over my body and those spots are the result of the flare ups I would go thru 6-8 times a year. The pain of the inflammation was debilitating, even clothes bothered me.

My whole body was covered with them and it made me so self-conscious. Back in 99’ because of this disease I even pondered suicide as my solution at the thought of becoming ‘a monster’ being covered with all these dry patches of skin that looked so disgusting!

The biggest WIN for me and this picture is that the disease is NOW under control and I don’t have to take cortisone injections or rub on countless tubes of steroid creams.”

I couldn’t be more proud of Alex for sharing his journey with everyone!

Who in your life is dealing with a health challenge?

Our health journey has helped so many people get some relief from so many things such as joint pain, inflammation, psoriasis, lupus, autoimmune, fibromyalgia, migraines, dermatitis, arthirits, gout, sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc,etc. I’d love to champion YOU and your family and friends too! Reach out!


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